About Us

Performance S Corp. focuses on developing tailor-made automation equipment to fit all kinds of customer’s needs, combining the use of robotic arm and integrating visual recognition system application to create the most intelligent and customizable equipment.
With the target of zero flaws, Performance S Corp. believes only products with the highest qualities can satisfy the needs of customers. Under the idea of sustainable development, listening to the voices of customers and continuous improvement, are our unshakeable beliefs.
It is attention to detail that makes the difference between average and stunning. That is why every design and every equipment of ours are created with concentration and circumspection. We believe supreme quality can be established by taking good care of the basics. At the same time of in searching of excellence, we are not going to forget introspection.

Main consumer industry

Electronics / 5G
Food and drink industry
Semiconductor industry
Machining industry
Automobile Industry
Aero space industry

Our Vision

Customer first

Listening to consumer’s needs, becoming the most trusted partner and create win-win situations.
Performance S Corp

Growth happily

Create motivational working environment, self-challenge, continuous growth.
Performance S Corp